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Thanksgiving [Nov. 10th, 2013|10:55 pm]
Making Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Yep, all of it - for my parents, Ben's parents, and Ben's brother.

Current plans:

Brined, roasted turkey
Roasted brussel sprouts
Macaroni and cheese
Cornbread stuffing muffins
Sweet potato casserole
Cranberry sauce
Either butternut squash soup OR arugula salad w/roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, and a vinaigrette

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake

I'm terrified!!  EEP!  I did a mock Thanksgiving last year, and it went fine, but this one will be for real.  Any recipes you particularly love?  Anything I'm missing?
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2013|11:06 pm]
Today should really be over by now.

I managed to do most of the mandatory things on my list - write emails (still haven't heard back from the Etsy seller regarding Jenn's wedding gift, grr), purchase gifts, receive more coverage, and get crackin' on massive amounts of new video game work.  Plus, I submitted a new Glamour article, and the editor said she LOVED it (in caps!) so that makes me a happy camper.

Today just sucked, though.

[Spoiler alert - today sucked]We were going to rent a house with some friends for Ben (and Nader's) birthdays at the end of March.  I found a house in Temecula very near some wineries, and it was pet-friendly and had enough bedrooms for all of us.  I spoke to the person who owns the house, and he said I didn't even need to put down a deposit, but I insisted, and I sent him a check for $100 on Feb 28.  On March 2, he called and said he hadn't received it yet, so I told him it was in the mail, to look out for it, and NOT to give the house to anyone else - I asked him to call me if there was an issue.  On March 8, I emailed to confirm they had gotten the deposit.  No response.  Emailed again yesterday.  Today, I got a call saying they had not gotten the deposit, and the house was not available.  Um, what?  He didn't even seem to know who I was.  I said, remember, we spoke on Saturday, March 2? And he said, "I talk to a lot of people.  I get a lot of calls."  I had to get off the phone because I was going to start crying... I felt AWFUL that this would ruin birthdays AND vacations for 7 people.  Really shitty.  The guy did tell me he would give me a deal on another weekend, but we can only do that weekend.

Anyway, my friend Liz calmed me down (and Ben wasn't really upset, just disappointed... he never really gets mad).  Liz found another place in Palm Springs, much nicer - more pricey, but not out of the realm of possibilities.  This time, the guy had a contract and required a deposit via bank transfer.  I also asked for references.  I told him I would not give him the deposit until he countersigned the contract and sent it back to me - that's legally correct, right?  Lawyers?

So okay, maybe we'll go to Palm Springs instead.  Totally fine by me - we wanted to go there but settled for Temecula.  Everyone seems happy.  Crisis averted - but I'm not letting my guard down until I get that signed contract back and put down the deposit.

ALSO, I got home from working out today.  No car in the tandem space, plus it was like 6:30, so I figured Ben wasn't home.  I walk in, expecting Wilson to greet me, and he's nowhere to be found.  I look for him in every room and can't find him, then start SCREAMING for him at the top of my lungs before I realize Ben's gym bag is on the floor and Wilson's leash is gone.  Now I'm shaking, and I call Ben - he got home early, parked on the street because he was on the phone and didn't want to lose the call in the garage, and took the dog on a walk.  I seriously was panicking so badly.  I ran outside and met them and was still shaking a little.

On the plus side, looking forward to this weekend - outdoor movie at my friend's place for her birthday, and Napa Rose chef's counter for Ben's birthday on Sunday!
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(no subject) [Nov. 28th, 2011|05:35 pm]
Looks like my package got stolen right from in front of my door.

I'm so sad. 

:(  Goodbye, $100 worth of stuff... I bought two pairs of shoes and planned to return one, so this is a big ouch for me.
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Nordstrom Rack groupon [Nov. 19th, 2010|10:22 am]
Hey folks!

Today's Miami groupon is $25 for a $50 groupon to Nordstrom Rack!  It is valid at any Nordstrom's Rack, though, so yay!  Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite places to find designer jeans, great jewelry, and other stuff for great prices.  I plan to go there to fulfill as many holiday gift shopping needs as possible.  People get sick of VS gift cards after a while :)

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Re-edited... hope this works! [Oct. 7th, 2010|05:27 pm]
 As usual, I'm having outfit dilemmas. My high school friend Katie's wedding is coming up (which also serves as a high school reunion of sorts for me and my HS friends, who are spread around the country and who are completely amazing), and I'd love your opinion on which of the two options I should wear!! I just received the floral dress today - I took a chance and ordered it without ever actually seeing it or trying it on, having fallen in love with the pattern. I had to buy one size larger than I usually wear, because that was all that was left in stock - and even so, it was the last one! It fits pretty well, though, aside from the straps, but that can be easily remedied because they are ties - I'll just tie them tighter!

Okay, so here we go:

One or two?Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2010|12:03 am]
 Are these ugly??  Please tell me the truth.  I have wanted them for months and months, and now they are like 80% off at $39.95... but I'm worried that I'm blinded by sale goggles.

Click and gimme your opinion...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2010|06:39 pm]
 Today I was really tired at work, having gone to the midnight screening of The Room last night with a few friends.  I went to sleep around 3am.  Oh well.  Side note: if you want to laugh REALLY hard, you should see this movie.  It's the worst movie I've ever seen.  You couldn't make a movie this bad on purpose.  The writer/director/star claims it's a black comedy, but it's clear he meant it to be an emotional drama.  It's hilarious, and the audience participation makes it so much funnier.  I have never laughed so hard at a movie.  It's been playing for 7 years at the Sunset Laemmle theater, and all 5 theaters show the movie at once.  The line was super long, and all the theaters were pretty full.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was sleepy at work and helping out on the cash wrap because it was getting crowded and busy.  A woman and her baby (18 months) come up to the register.  I'm fiddling with her transaction - she has two coupons so she wants two different transactions, so I'm concentrating on that and only looking up briefly, and her baby, who has longish, curly hair, keeps swiping the credit card.  It's very cute.  "She's going to be a little shopper!"  

The mother says, "Actually, he's a boy."

Oops.  Sah-ry, lady.  She didn't seem mad at all, and I laughed it off like it didn't happen.  I do feel a little bad, and my coworkers were shocked and said that was awful, but dammit, if you want your child to be easily recognizable, cut his hair and dress him in all blue with a shirt that says "It's a boy!!"  Otherwise, babies kinda look the same.  Honestly, would you be THAT offended if someone mistook the sex of your baby?  My coworker said to me, "I get offended when someone thinks my DOG is a boy!  She wears a pink collar!"  

I stand by my statement - maybe HE'S going to be a little shopper!
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2010|04:12 pm]
I don't love spending money on shoes.  Or purses.  I'd rather have clothes.  But I did need a new pair of boots, so I went on a search.  I found a pair I liked at DSW, but they were $149.95, which I deemed too expensive, even though they were originally $225.  I was going to settle for some Steve Maddens that were $60 and comfy, but Ben said they looked cheap and vinyl-y, and also too pirate-y.  The expensive pair were much better quality.  Ben said I should get them, but I was unsure.  

Anyway, I went home and did some research.  DSW.com lets you STACK COUPONS.  Kaloo-kalay!!!  WOW.  Okay, so retailmenot.com yielded some interesting results.  There's a coupon for 20% off 2 items or more, so I decided to get a pair of "safe" Steve Madden flats - I figure if they don't fit, I can always return them to the DSW down the street.  Besides, my old grey pair are falling apart.  I wear my shoes into the ground if I like them.

So I bought my boots ($149.95) and my flats ($39.95) for the 20% off, plus an additional $45 off, plus free shipping.  That brings my total to $117.34 after tax, which is less than the boots themselves cost in-store.  HOORAY!  I saved $168.08.

Anyway, coupon codes!
SAVE20:  Apply first to get maximum savings.  Expires today!!
FALLSHOP: $10 of $49, $25 off $99, $45 off $149
SHIPR: Free shipping

SQUEE.  I've never shopped as DSW, but now I think it'll be my first stop.  

I am having major issues getting Photobucket to work on my mac, but below the cut are some pictures (hopefully)

Too much like a cheap pirateOMG shoesCollapse )
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Me vs. My Legs - A Short Play [Jul. 16th, 2010|02:34 pm]

ME:  I'm going to get in crazy good shape for my wedding!  It's going to be awesome!  I am gonna start boot camp and work out like a maniac!
MY LEGS:  Aw, crap.

One week of boot camp later...

ME: Wooo!  I feel amazing!  This is great!
MY LEGS: We are in agony!  We are going to make it so you can hardly even move, that's how much we hurt.

Three months of boot camp later...

ME:  I am so glad I worked through the pain.  Exercise is so great.
MY LEGS:  Yeah, we got used to it, so we won't cry out in agony when you run backwards uphill anymore!  
MY ANKLE:  *breaks*

Two months later...

ME:  Wow, breaking my ankle and being in a cast really sucked.  I sure am glad I'm out of the cast and the boot.  I took it easy for a few weeks, but now it's time to start working out again, hardcore!  I won't go to boot camp quite yet, but I will do my awesome 30 day shred video to ease myself back into working out.  It's only like 30 minutes, it shouldn't be so bad.

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hair! [Jun. 30th, 2010|07:53 pm]
Has anyone considered a Brazilian blowout?  It's a keratin treatment that straightens your hair for 10-12 weeks - it's not permanent like Japanese straightening.  I'm really hating my curls lately - maybe I just need a good haircut, but I know I feel prettier with smoother hair... although I don't know if it does any permanent damage.  Ben likes it curly, so he's no help.  It's also way expensive.  Opinions?
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